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2018 - Double CD - Two solo concerts performed at Kerrytown Concert House, Ann Arbor, MI, USA, (2015, 2016).


2016 - Solo guitar improvisations. Originally released as an LP in 1985. Digitally remastered and re-released on CD.


2015 - Solo unaccompanied sitar. Three extended improvisations.


2013 - (CD/DVD) Live outdoor concert with added dramatic footage. Aikman (keyboard), Kozora (percussion, flute, and more), Newcomb (sitar, guitar)


2013 - Newcomb (guitar), Aikman (keyboard)


2008 - Double CD of studio improvisational and software generated compositions (guitars, keyboards, synths)


2007 - Live solo concert (sitar, guitar)


2004 - Solo studio and concert performances (guitars, sitar, laptop, keyboards)


2000 - Compilation (guitars, keyboards, synths, software)


1991 - Studio electronic compositions (guitars, keyboards, synths)


    1986 - Solo guitar improvisations.  Originally released as an LP.  Being digitally remastered and re-released soon!
1985 - Solo guitar improvisations. Originally released as an LP. Limited quantities available from artist directly.